McGill Outdoors Club

Our Website is Down! :(

I moved everything here for the time being while we work on making a new one! It's not pretty but it will do.

Summer Meetings

Happen every Wednesday at 6:30 usually in the Lower Field. Featuring ultimate frisbee until we get tired or it gets dark, then we go to a local pub to tell stories and plan trips! Details released weekly on the Listserv (see appropriate section for details).

Pool Sessions

Learn to whitewater kayak in the McGill gym pool! No experience necessary. Sign up here!


You need to be a member to go on exec run trips, rent gear from us, and stay at our house. You do not need a membership to join the listserv (see below). Memberships are good for 365 days. Come into an office hour to sign up (calendar at the bottom).
Fees are $20 for McGill Students, $25 for all others. Our office takes cash, check, and debit!
Make sure you confirm your email address after you sign up to recieve email receipts and reminders to return your gear and renew your membership!


Join our email list of 3,000+ people to get updates on what the MOC is up to! You do not need to be a member to join the list.
To sign up send an email with a blank subject to with the following commands in the body:
subscribe moc yourfirstname yourlastname
The list can get a little noisy when there's a lot going on so you can turn on digest mode to get only one email a day. To do that send an email with a blank subject to with the following commands in the body:
set moc digests
To unsubscribe PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL THE LIST. Just send an email with a blank subject to with the following commands in the body:
unsubscribe moc
Things that are OK for the list:
  • Asking advice for planning a trip
  • Offering or requesting a ride for an outdoors trip you have planned or to the MOC house
  • Important safety information (gear recalls, dangerous conditions)
  • Selling used outdoors gear (within reason, please do not spam if no one wants it!)
  • Information on courses that may be of interest to the MOC (WFA, mountaineers skills, etc)

Things that are NOT OK on the list:

  • Offering or requesting a ride somewhere not for the outdoors (ie Toronto and NYC are not ok, but if you are doing a road trip to Vancouver to visit all the national parks and want people to come with you, post it!)
  • Roommate requests
  • Any plans involving illegal activities
  • Generally, anything not outdoors related

If you're not sure that your message is right for the list, email and we'll let you know!

Gear Rental

We rent out a lot of outdoors gear! How much, you ask? Click the "Inventory" button at the top of the page to browse what we have available and our pricing! Please note that you need to be a member (see the relevant section above) to rent gear and you cannot reserve gear ahead of time. Come into an office hour (see the calendar at the bottom) and we'll hook you up!
You will also need to leave us some form of deposit. This can be
  • a one-time check for the total replacement value of the gear that we will return to you when you return the gear
  • a perma-cheque (undated, made out for $400.01) that we will keep on file until your membership expires
  • a credit card imprint that we will keep on file until your membership expires. We won't charge anything to it upfront!

The maximum time that you can rent is 4 weeks unless you are given explicit permission from or The maximum per person is three of the same kind of item and one tent.

If you return your gear late, late fees are charged daily at a rate of 1/7 of the weekly rental price. This means if you are a week late returning your gear, you essentially just paid another week of rental fees.

Our office accepts cash and debit to pay rental and late fees!

The House

The MOC owns and operates a house in the town of Prevost, about an hour north of Montreal!
To stay there during a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night you can check the availability here, and fill out a house stay request here!
To stay at the house during the week or with a large external group, email and - they'll help you out!
Each MOC member is allowed to bring up to 2 non-member guests.
$15 first night
$10 all subsequent nights
$5 camping outside (ONLY if house is full)
$20 first night
$15 all subsequent nights
$10 camping outside (ONLY if house is full)

Our office is in room 426 of the SSMU building!